How To: Get Rid of CS:GO Cases Without Selling Them

Playing hundreds and thousands of hours of this game, by now, you probably know that you are entitled to 1-4 drops a week in CS:GO. Most of these drops are usually worthless, ranging from the absolute minimum price possible on Steam—3 cents—to the runner-up, 5 cents.

This results in the piling up of these cases, cluttering your inventory with items you cannot even sell or trade easily. And if you’re a person that likes to see their inventory clean, tidy, and not looking like a reckless cool kid’s desktop, you need this guide.

If you’re here, your inventory most probably looks like this.

The reason you’re not able to sell such items on the Steam Market, is because the demand to supply ratio is steep. This means that either very few people want the item compared to how many of the item are present in the market, or everyone who does want it, wants it at the base minimum price, which at least thousands of other sellers have listed their items at. So waiting in that queue, making literally 1 cent off of the item, and having the item on sale on your Market page till then (7 trillion years) is not worth it.

Steep Demand-Supply.png

This is literally a 2 second fix and requires zero KDR to complete, so don’t worry, no-one’s judging your noob abilities.

Step 1: Run CS:GO

Run CS:GO from Steam. Your cases are there, and we need to attack them directly in-game, like rushing B on de_dust2 with SMGs.


Step 2: Open your CS:GO inventory

Go to your in-game inventory.

Now, whichever case you would like to remove permanently, right-click on it and select the “Delete Item” option, as shown below:

Yes, I have two C4 explosives.

You will then be asked to confirm if you want to permanently delete this case, to which you will say “Hellz yeah!” and click on that red “DELETE ITEM button”, ever so happily as you are now about to be relieved of your worthless case.

Delete Prompt.jpg

And boom, terrorists win you’re done. That case is now gone.

Of course, we all know the case didn’t just get disintegrated. It has gone back to Valve so they could recirculate it into the Steam Market anyway to make that extra money. That’s GabeN for you.

Step 4: GLHF

Good luck, and have fun.

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