Fix: Steam Store Page Opens When Launching Game

Disclaimer: This is a relatively old approach, and may not work for some/many now.

You download your pirated copy of the game you had been waiting to play and…

Oh, “Shiver me timbers! ‘ow do ye know I be tryin’ to run a pirated copy?” you ask?

Well… Arrrrrrr!

Coming straight to the point, either you have not applied the crack properly, or it got deleted/quarantined by your antivirus, or you were not supplied with the crack that is supposed to bypass the Steam Store page in the first place.

Store Page.png

Let’s get straight to fixing this issue so you can go play your game with absolutely no guilt of ditching the developers. *discreet-yeet fist bump*

Step 1: Open the game folder

You can either right-click on your game shortcut and click on “Open file location”, or just navigate to your game installation folder like an old school pro. Either way, you will arrive at the game files.

Let’s take this game “Void Mine” as an example, for which these are the game files, nothing extraordinary, just a few harmless files working in harmony in order for the game to function properly and normally.

Game Files.png

Step 2: Steam Settings

Open Steam’s settings, and navigate to the “Interface” tab.

Here, make sure the “Display Steam URL address bar when available” option is checked. It is unchecked by default.

Enable URLs.png

Now, you will be able to see URLs in the Steam browser. This will be helpful to us for the coming steps.

Step 3: Open the Steam Store page

Yes, I know, ironic, isn’t it? But bear with me.

Let the Steam Store page open for the game you are trying to play. This will automatically happen when you double-click on the game’s ‘.exe’ file, which in this example is ‘Mine.exe’.

Store Page

Step 4: Make the Steam Store bypass file

Here’s the fun part, and of course, the most important too. Now, in the Steam Store page you have opened, look at the top-left. You will see the URL of the page you’re on.

App ID.png

Copy the numbers after the “/app/” part in the URL. This is the App ID of the particular game you are trying to play. In this case, the App ID is “952400” for the game “Void Mine”.

NOTE: The App ID for your game will be something else, make sure you open the Steam Store page of your specific game by double-clicking the game shortcut as you had been doing before stumbling upon this guide.

Now, go back to the game’s folder and create a new text document by right-clicking in an empty area in the same folder, and select “New”, then “Text Document”. Like so:

New Text Document.png

Name this text document “steam_appid”, exactly as shown, as this is very important:


Press Enter and now open the text document. In this empty document, paste only the App ID number you had copied/noted down earlier. In this case, it is “952400”, so:

Paste ID.png

Save and close this document.

You’re done.

Step 5: Verify

Double-click the game shortcut or ‘.exe’ again. This time, the game should bypass the Steam Store page and run normally. If not, make sure you have the correct App ID of your game pasted in the notepad and nothing else.

And of course, if you like the game, buy it. Help the developers out.

Also, press F to pay respects to hypocrisy.

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  1. It still opens steam store page…but after i check the text document in game folder it is suddenly gone …it happened 5-10 times……..plz help.


  2. hey sorry didnt work,
    some main notes:
    my text for the “display steam url address” was difirrent and it says “display web adress bars when available”, it was unchecked, second there was no web link as from the pic but i simply rmb click and then “copy page url” then i headed to game folder (THE GAME IS OMSI 2 but cracked by elamigos, the reason its broken again because i wanted to open editor and accidentaly went into some patch changed and it freaked out my omsi and now opens steam) :(( and i went to the steamapi, changed the numbers (it was the same iirc??) nothing changed, thanks


  3. Hello. After i put in the steam_appid the game doesnt open steam anymore, but now it opens the game and its just a black screen


  4. When i add the steam_appid and the game number, the game simply does not open anymore, nor does steam. Any ideas? I’m on windows 10


  5. yo guyss plz contact me if any solution was found i did every thing there is no steam showin up now but nothing else is
    plz help


    1. Bro we r facing the same prob when i Double-click nothin happens i tried to see if ant rhing is happening in the background by task manger but nothin


    1. Hey!

      It has been working for many people, and not working for many as well (you can see the other comments here). There could be a number of factors involved such as whether you have properly cracked the game in the first place or not, etc.. It definitely worked for me quite easily and if you follow the guide properly, you should achieve this too. Give it a better try!


  6. unable to initialize SteamAPI Make sure you’re logged in to steam and an account entitled to the game, trying to do Death Stranding


  7. Didn’t work. So I first got the error: steam_api.dll file missing so I downloaded it. The store page kept opening so I followed your tutorial and now nothing happens when I try to launch it


    1. Hey, Aaryan!

      Let’s see. Where did you download the .dll file from? Because other than the steam_api.dll supplied by the actual game at the time of installation, any other steam_api.dll shouldn’t work, and if you just download the standalone .dll file from a random search on Google, it is potentially also very unsafe for the system.


  8. it just gives me an error message that says
    “Unable to initialize SteamAPI.
    Please make sure steam is running and you are logged into an account entitled to the game.”


      1. well. i’m sure installed it right
        but the same problem is happening to me.
        i mean at least it doesn’t open steam store anymore, but u double click n nothing happens. is there another problem ?


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