Review: RAEGR Arc 200 Wireless Charging Pad – Done Right!

Whether you plug and unplug the charging cable from your smartphone a lot during your daily usage scenario, or require a more convenient bedside or desktop charging solution, or just have a default underlying hate for cables in general because you either live or want to live the “untethered spirit” life they show the negative effects of in Black Mirror episodes—You are looking for a wireless charging pad!

Showcase 3
The RAEGR Arc 200, basking in its glory that it knows it possesses with confidence, but hides in modesty.

And if you’re looking for a budget option that is fast, and reliable, and wait for it —has a 3-year warranty period; then there can quite literally be nothing better than the underrated beast that is the RAEGR Arc 200, and that is not even the slightest of an exaggeration as you will find out in this unbiased and real review from yours truly.

Material & Quality
What’s In The Box?
Why Buy?
Conclusion + Coupon Codes


The RAEGR Arc 200 has the kind of design that should be—at the very least—the bare absolute standard of every wireless charging pad out there.

It has a sleek and quite minimalist design approach, with its two rubber grips, brand logo, and a small reminder that this little beast supports fast charge; all on the top, and the absolutely required element of any charging pad that manufacturers sometimes miss—the rubber grip that goes full circle—on the under side.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

The sleek profile of this charging pad allows for it to be acceptable just about anywhere. Whether it’s an office set-up, a gaming set-up, a bedside go-to, or simply a general charge-at-home solution; wherever this charging pad is placed, it doesn’t violate the existing look and practicality of its surroundings. This is profile done right.

Here, you can get an idea of the height of the charging pad. Also, the whitish translucent line that goes all around the circumference is the LED indicator, which will be discussed further in the features section of this review.

The grips on the top and under sides of the charging pad are an absolute necessity and work perfectly too, as not once in my duration of usage (one week) did the pad or the phone ever slide or get misplaced. Let me help you picture the gripping abilities of these… grips.

Imagine this: I place the Arc 200 on a book (glossy cover), and then place my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 onto the Arc 200, making a high-tech wisdom sandwich (trademarked). After this, I can simply hold the phone—not holding it down or applying any pressure whatsoever—and am able to effortlessly move the entire set-up (book + charging pad + phone) around. That’s grippy, my man. This is grips done right.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

The size is just adequate enough for either your phone, or smartwatch, or wireless earpods to sit well on it and charge, while the pad itself does not violate any major space on your desk or set-up at all. The images below shall give you the basic and technical ideas respectively of the size. At a measured diameter of about 3.5 inches (9 centimeters), the size means it will support any phone that is not absurdly huge or unconventional. It supports my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (which is pretty huge) very comfortably, and I do not have to think twice when I set my phone down on it. This is size done right.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

Overall, admit it, you just cannot ask for anything more than all these aspects in terms of charging pad design. Ergo, this is—most definitelydesign done right.

Material & Quality

The Arc 200 is made of high quality, fireproof ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for the polymer enthusiasts) plastic, which is strong and durable enough for daily use. You need not worry regarding the physical/structural integrity/durability of a product that is supposed to mostly remain stationery throughout its lifespan anyway. Although strong, the entire charging pad as a whole is very light, and in fact very well-balanced in terms of weight distribution. There’s no lopsidedness in terms of weight at any given point at all, which is a beautiful go in my OCD department!

The rubber grips (noun) on the top and under sides are of excellent quality as well, and the grip (aspect) is very adequately—well—grippy (adjective). They provide enough assurance that they will stick with me through time without any issues.

The overall quality of the RAEGR Arc 200 is surprisingly excellent provided its price. The manufacturer seems to know what they’re doing, and have enough confidence in their product to provide 3 years of warranty; and it most definitely shows in this product undoubtedly. This is material & quality done right.


Cable-like Fast Charging Speeds

Usually, the budget range of charging pads that claim fast charge support either are just lies with the same old standard charge speeds to help increase sales for whomsoever might not know the actual differences, or run dangerously hot like a demon’s cup of tea while fulfilling—or struggling to fulfill—their claim and smelling like burning plastic slash burning your house down in your sleep one night (that got dark pretty quick).

But not this mysteriously powerful little thing. No. It provides fast charge alright, and not just fast charge fast charge, but standard wired charging speeds. Believe it or not, that is phenomenal for a wireless charger. And all of that, while not generating any heat whatsoever! All this time I spent as a God damned skeptic—not believing in wireless power—and I am finally a believer now. This is fast wireless charging done right.

Yes, I know, right? I tested it myself, so it’s all practical; not theoretical or exaggerated potential-sales-boosting bullshit. See the stats for yourself:


NOTE: You will need a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 Technology (QC 2.0/3.0) supporting charging adapter for the fast charging to be optimal. Look in the “Compatibility” section of this review for more details on compatibility.

Zero Heating

Yes, you read it right. Even I couldn’t believe it when I tested it out and left my phone on charge from 0% to 80% overnight. There was no heating. Not one bit. Well, technically, it might have heated up by literally 1 or 2 degrees Celsius, but practically there was no heat to be sensed by touch. Not exaggerating, this is some seriously good technology, cop it. This is temperature control done right.

Tank Case Friendly

The TekkiTake (parent company of the RAEGR brand) guys claim that the Arc 200 can charge a device through a maximum case thickness of 6mm. Well, they’re just being modest, because I personally certify this powerful little thing of being able to charge devices through even the tank-iest of the tank cases—10mm thick. That is absolutely insane! I myself am an individual who lives the “tank-iest of the tank cases” lifestyle, and I tested it myself to be simply awestruck as to how mysterious the mighty powers of this disk shaped contraption are. This is case friendliness done right.

Zero Annoyance LED Indicator

The light on the Arc 200 is a nice and smooth green light that’s neither too bright as to attract too much attention in the dark, and nor dull enough as to not to be seen by your grandma. RAEGR proudly claims this product to have no annoying lights, which means it is perfect for having this charging pad at your bedside.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

The indications of the Arc 200 are as follows:

On/Off: When the charging pad is connected to the power adapter, it turns on the green light for about 6 seconds, and then the lights go off. This shows that the charging pad is successfully connected. The lights go off after 6 seconds because otherwise they would be on constantly and might get annoying

Recognizing a device: When a Qi enabled device is placed on the charging pad at the right place (aligning the near center of the pad with the Qi enabled device’s inner receiver coil), the pad lights up, showing that the placement is correct and you do not need to wait to see the “charging” notification on your phone. This indication stays on for about 16 seconds (indicating for a longer time that your have still placed it correctly), after which the light goes off for the entire charging process. Again, the light goes off after 16 seconds because otherwise it might get annoying in bedside usage scenarios. The 16 second light-up duration is not fixed or scripted or blind, it stays on for 16 seconds only to tell you that you have placed your device right and the device continues to stay in the right position successfully. Otherwise, if the device is misplaced within that 16-second period, the light just turns off the moment you misplace it, showing you have incorrectly placed the device. That’s just brilliant

Personally, I also find the second indication very useful because it helps me know if I have placed my phone correctly on the charging pad or not. When the green light goes on, I immediately know the phone’s charging and do not have to wait for it to show me the charging animation (even though it takes only 1 second to start charging, which is faster than other chargers). This is lights done right.

Qi Certified AF

One thing that I appreciated about the Arc 200 a lot was that they actually put their Qi certification document along with their product images on their Amazon product page. And it’s not just some document, it’s actually a genuine certification from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which is a big deal. The WPC is an official regulatory body for Qi standards and their respective certifications.

Qi Certification

On top of that, you can see for yourself in the WPC’s product database on their official website, that the Arc 200 is listed, and is legitimately certified, unlike many other Chinese companies claiming on Amazon to be Qi certified. That might seem insignificant to many, but it’s actually a very respectable aspect. Major props. This is certification claiming done right.

The 3-Year Warranty

Yes, I do not even know how this is even possible (2 evens), but let’s not even ask any questions (3 evens). A 3-year warranty period. Not exactly a feature, but come on, you know that is damn respectable. What’s even more respectable is the unsung fact that underneath this long warranty period, is the magnitude of confidence and faith the manufacturer has in their product. That speaks volumes, my dude. At least to me. Mad rad post-grad respect, lad.

The product comes with 2 years of warranty by default, and the additional 1 year extended warranty can be applied simply by filling out this registration form on their website:

Extended Warranty.jpg

Easy as that! Who knew a whole year’s worth additional warranty could be acquired by filling a mere form? This is warranty done right.


Also not a feature, but this is the whole pivotal element around which the product revolves. Okay, pivots are associated more with rotation than revolution, but so God help me if you ruin my joke.

TekkiTake page
Amazon.IN page

For more about the pricing and a special discount, head to the bottom of this post, to the conclusion section. It’d make more sense there, you’ll see. But till then, just trust me one this: This is pricing done right.


A very straightforward compatibility chart is given below, it should help you determine what mode your device or adapter will support:

Compatibility Mini.jpg

NOTE: The Arc 200 & Arc 500 models may not be completely compatible with watches. This is because Qi enabled phones and watches, both follow the Qi standards but have different protocols. Apart from this, the wireless receiver coils in watches are significantly smaller compared to the ones in phones.

What’s In The Box?

Good question, my absolute homeslice. The contents of the box is as follows:

[1] RAEGR’s Arc 200 wireless charging pad (of course)
[2] Fast charge supporting cable -— 3.3ft. long
[3] Warranty card
[4] User manual

Click on an image to open its full-sized version


The packaging—although very simple and straightforward—actually impressed me due to the extra plastic film/sticker that was used to cover the charging pad itself. It’s little details like this that show that the manufacturer cares about their product and consumers—both. In fact, the whole reason I wanted to write this packaging block of text was to appreciate this plastic film in written form. Yes, I judge the shit out of packaging, it means a lot to me. This is packaging done right.

Anyway, you can see this plastic film in one of the images above. Coincidentally, this is also among the first images—the other ones also being in this post itself—on this website to ever have featured any part of me. There’s your reveal.

The Provided Cable

I did not really expect this, but well, the plastic film had won me, so…—the 3.3 feet long cable that’s provided in the box is of absolute quality (check the image above). I was expecting one of those flimsy ass USB cables with horrible finishing and unfinished rubber edges sharp enough to fashion into a prison shank, but again, mad respect.

Oh, and not only is the cable high quality, but it supports fast charge (another thing I wasn’t really expecting), and that is big. The usual budget wireless chargers typically come with low quality cables that do not support fast charge. This is cable providing done right.

Why Buy?

That rhymed. I should get signed to a record label right after finalizing a draft of this review. Anyway, if you’re still asking yourself this question, you’re either not convinced enough, or you need a proper all-in-one list of reasons to buy this product.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you, my dude. Bringin’ out the big guns (Get it? Because bullet points, hahah):

High quality product (made from ABS polymer)

Sleek and minimalist look (I don’t even mind the branding, the logo is not invasive and looks pretty cool)

Cable-like fast charging (check the chart I have made in the features section)

Lightweight and durable

Very good grips on the top and under side of the pad

High quality micro-USB cable (supporting fast charge) included in the box

No production of heat whatsoever

RAEGR claims 6mm of maximum case thickness support, but this supports 10mm without any issues

Non-annoying light indications (bedside friendly)

An actually, genuinely, Qi certified product

Insane 3-year warranty period (2 years out the box, + 1 year upon registration on the TekkiTake website)

Superb price — An absolutely recommended purchase that I am more than just satisfied with; I’m impressed!

Perfect packaging and packaging quality

Top-notch customer service from the TekkiTake guys

There, who else puts it into convenient bullet points like your boy, eh?

Conclusion + Coupon Codes

Now, what are you waiting for? This is quite literally the best wireless charging pad you can buy at this price range, go for it!

At the price of 1,299INR (about $19) normally, and 999INR (about $14) in discount periods (or if you use a coupon code), pricing is what the Arc 200 should actually be popular for primarily. It is easily among the most inexpensive wireless charging pads in existence that provide just so much quality, such a long warranty period, and actually stands by and fulfills its claims regarding fast charge. You need to get this before the prices go high. Apply my coupon code on the TekkiTake website and you get a better discount than Amazon.IN most of the times!

TekkiTake page
Amazon.IN page

Head over to TekkiTake’s website using the below link and use my given coupon code for 13% off of your cart instantly. They have lots of stuff on their online store, including wireless chargers, wireless earphones/earpods, phone cases, phone accessories, smartwatch accessories, etc..

Show them some love and let them know I sent you there by using my URL. These guys are super cool!

Visit TekkiTake
Coupon code: NOOB

And this… This is reviewing done right.


  1. Purchased 2 of these thanks to you. One for myself and one for the missus. Definitely among the best purchases of my life!


  2. What is the difference between ARC 200 Vs ARC 500 and does it support fast charging of Google Pixel 3. I will order based on your input. Many thanks!


    1. Hey!

      Regarding the difference between the models: I had the same question, so before I got the Arc 200, I had asked the RAEGR guys for the difference. They said the only differences are physical appearance/design, and that the Arc 500 is made of fire retardant material. Not that an Arc 200 would burst into flames or something, but the Arc 500 is just a wee little safer. Personally, I wouldn’t care; because the Arc 200 generates almost no heat at all.

      Regarding fast charging: As long as you use a fast charging adapter (QC2.0 / QC3.0) that’s connected to the Arc 200, and also use a fast charge supporting cable (like the one included with the Arc 200) — Yes, it will definitely fast charge your Google Pixel 3.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Coupon code was giving the same discount as amazon so got it from there. But I bought it only because of this review, thank you so much!


  4. Hi. Another believer here but only because of this review, thank you for this fantastic article. Reviewing done right haha!


  5. As per specification, it says to be working fine for all QI enabled devices. But this is not working for Samsung Gear Frontier Smart Watch. Will you please help me here.


    1. How’s it goin’, Ambro?!

      If it is a Qi enabled device, technically, it should be charging normally. But I have asked the TekkiTake guys if they have any information on this, and will get back to you as soon as I get a response from them. Cool?

      TekkiTake’s response: “Upon checking with our manufacturing unit team, unfortunately, Qi enabled phones and watches are both under the Qi standard but have different protocols, and coils of watches are smaller compared to phones. Hence our current chargers, Arc 200 & Arc 500 are not compatible with watches with 100%. However, if the watch is placed correctly in the center, it might probably charge, but we cannot ensure it.

      Regarding the customer Ambarish, our team shall provide him the resolution with full refund.”


      1. Thank you so much Shuriken for your followup and response. It’s resolved now, TekkiTake contacted me to explain the issue and will be providing me the refund.

        Also, It would be great if you update your review with this observation regarding Qi-enabled devices particularly the watches.

        Thank you again and really appreciate your support here.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Purchased reading solely your amazon review and I’m not at all disappointed. Truly a marvelous job reviewing this. Kudos.


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