Review: RAEGR Elements Armor iPhone Case – Done Right!

Although many might argue that beautiful phones of the current age are supposed to be rocked naked (the phone, not you) because it’s just too difficult not to show off that gorgeous glass back with the variant of your favorite color; it is not some government secret that the phones of today are also very fragile, and a mere waist-height drop may render their screens or back panels completely shattered and/or even unusable in many scenarios.

So, why not put on an equally pretty (or even prettier) case? I present to you, the RAEGR Elements Armor — Walnut Wood & Carbon Fiber!

The RAEGR Elements Armor series’ gorgeous Walnut Wood & Carbon Fiber variants. Fun fact: scrolling up and down, this still image slightly looks like it’s animating due to the carbon fiber pattern.

Hear me out, bro. What if I told you that you can protect your phone very well while not compromising the overall aesthetics of it? In fact, I personally find these ones to look more elegant and prettier than the typical ol’ iPhone glass back. Break the system, bro, be different!

Material & Quality
What’s In The Box?
Why Buy?
Conclusion + Coupon Codes


The RAEGR Elements Armor cases have a very minimalist yet beautifully elegant design, all while also being as strong as the name sounds. Finding cases that provide certified military-grade impact protection, and them being sleek and light as well—ergo, the perfect balance—is always a challenge. Well, not in this case (hahah, I should stop with these, but I have waited too long). Let the below images speak the strange phenomenon known as “a thousand words”.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

Material & Quality

The cases claim to be made of the actual material that they’re said to be; whether Walnut Wood or Carbon Fiber, it is actually incorporated into the case.

Let me tell you, this is not just some marketing jargon disguised in paint or print. They mean it, this is the actual material as advertised.

How do I know? Good question. Well, I conducted a very complex investigation and experimented…— I smelled it. Yes, I smelled it. I was not expecting this, but when I took the Walnut Wood variant of the case out of the box and put it up to my nose (I do this with new products, don’t judge me, try it, it’s blissful), I could smell the walnut wood in there, man. Like literally, the smell of actual wood was there. And if that’s not enough to convince you, here, a few pictures of the RAEGR logo actually carved into the wood case:

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

Come on, now that’s impressive. Apart from that, every single wooden case unit from the Elements Armor series is super unique (more about it below).

To wrap this section up, the overall quality of the RAEGR Elements Armor cases is excellent, and the materials used are undoubtedly genuine. This is material & quality done right.


Impact Resistance

Now, this is the selling point of this case. The case is advertised to have certified military-grade protection. So this comes first. 

Realistically speaking, I have not drop-tested this case as I am not sponsored or anything, so I will be talking from a observable facts point of view here.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

Those corner “bumpers” in the case are way beyond what I had expected. Well, I couldn’t drop-test this case with the phone in it, but who said anything about not dropping it without the phone? That’s right, I’m a fearless savage. Anyway, I did drop-test the case on its corners (I do this to check how well the case absorbs and dissipates shock that it faces) and I was surprised when the case literally bounced back up at least a few inches!

This is a good thing, because this shows that the material used in those corner bumpers have good dissipation of impact. This means that all the energy from the impact is equally spread all over the case from that one corner and minimized significantly. Smart. This is impact protection done right.


Get this. Every single Walnut Wood variant of the case is absolutely unique due to its natural property. Yes, 100% non-replicable. That is, no two people that ever purchase these wood cases will ever have matching patterns and feel, ever. How cool is that? I think this is extremely fascinating and awesome!

This is because each and every Elements Armor case has actual wood originating from sustainable forests from Asia, Germany and the US, and then manufactured in an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified factory. There is no printing, painting, or any sort of predetermined pattern involved in the process. Just pure genuine slices of wood being incorporated onto the back of the cases, which can vary in shades, grain, colors, veins, etc., therefore giving an overall uniqueness in appearance and feel per every single unit of these cases. This is uniqueness done right.

NOTE: The Walnut Wood case—despite its strength and high quality—being made of natural wood after all; exposure to extreme weather conditions may be harmful for the wood, and might cause some change in shape and/or color. So, just a little care would be required to protect the wood from extreme heat and/or humidity. 


This thickness of a case is crucial aspect of it, mainly due to exactly three reasons. The thickness of a case determines:

The level of protection the phone shall receive — Simple

The overall bulkiness of the phone, therefore deciding the factors of hand fatigue and pocket/purse-fitting-friendliness™ as well

Wireless charging capabilities

This case hits the sweet spot, with its thickness being—well—thick enough to protect the phone very confidently, while adding almost no extra bulk to the phone overall. Other cases that protect the phone this much usually are significantly thicker and that becomes very tiring with prolonged usage; and not to forget how thick cases have no pocket-fitting-friendliness™ in them.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

Lastly, since the case is sleek enough, it can support wireless charging absolutely effortlessly. This is thickness done right.

Also, if you’re looking for a great and budget friendly wireless fast charger, check my review on RAEGR’s amazing Arc 200 here! <placeholder for shameless plug>

Grip (noun)

The grip on these cases is just adequate enough for your phone to not slip out of your hand in an undesirable situation, while also not being grippy enough to be inconvenient at times you’d want to just grab it off of your table or any other surface. I consider this a very good balanced kind of—well—grippiness. No issues taking your phone out of the pocket with this case on, unlike some other really rubbery cases that either stick or create lots of unnecessary friction against the insides of your purses/pockets; and then once you finally do end up with your phone successfully out of it’s harsh pocket sentence, there’s lint and dust all over it. Not with this case. This is grip done right.

Raised Screen & Camera Lips AKA “Raisivity”

Raisivity (raise-ivity)—a term coined by famous homie Flossy Carter—is the perfect kind of word to describe the characteristic of how raised a case’s edge “lip” is. You know, that ridge thing that runs along the case? Yeah, this is why the word “raisivity” was coined. Anyway, long story short, the raisivity of a case needs to be high enough as to protect the screen from directly being in contact with any flat surface it’s rested upon, but also not so high that it creates problems with touch operations or the accumulation of dirt/gunk with time.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

This raisivity is done perfectly in the RAEGR Elements Armor cases, as they’re just the right amount. They prevent scratches and/or damage to the screen and the back of the case as well. This is due to only those raised “lips” being in contact with the surface rested upon, preventing the actual back of the case and/or the screen coming in direct contact with the surface the phone is lying upon. Even the camera protection is brilliant, as you can see in the images above. This is “raisivity” done right.

Cutouts & Buttons

The cut-outs of this case are absolute perfection, along with convenience. The cut-out sizes are perfect for thicc (not a typo) and thin fingers. As you can see in the below images, the cut-puts are deeper than in those thin non-protective cases from 2003 given, and yet, accessing the mute switch is not problematic at all.

The charging port cut-out supports just about any lightening cable without any issues at all. Lastly, the speaker and microphone cut-outs are clean and well-accommodating.

The buttons on this case are very impressive. Proper tactile satisfaction per press guaranteed AF! They’re soft, not rigid, and the pressure required to register as a “press” is just oh-so-perfect. They are soothing to press, and repeated or prolonged presses will not cause those shitty and slightly painful button prints onto your fingers that remain there for like at least 20 seconds. This is cut-outs & buttons done right.


Walnut Wood

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

Carbon Fiber

Click on an image to open its full-sized version


The RAEGR Elements Armor cases are available for the following iPhone models:

iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X / iPhone XR / iPhone Xs / iPhone Xs Max
iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max

What’s In The Box?

Good question, my absolute homiedude. See for yourself!

Click on an image to open its full-sized version


This is one of the things I respect the most about the TekkiTake (parent company of the RAEGR brand) guys. The packaging—although very simple and straightforward—is yet so impressive. “Why?”, you ask?

These guys include a silica gel packet in the thick plastic bag, in which the actual phone case is packaged. Yes, small detail, but it speaks volumes about the manufacturer caring about their product and consumers—both. The silica gel absorbs all possible moisture, preserving the case’s dopeness and keeping it dry while on the shelves and en route to you.

It doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. RAEGR added another small, yet interesting element (hahah) to the packaging. There is a super convenient “pull” tab in the packaging that helps you open the outer box. No more accidental tears and permanent damage to the packaging (just in case you decide to keep it). In fact, the whole reason I wanted to write this packaging block of text was to appreciate this silica gel packet and “pull” tab. Yes, I judge the shit out of packaging, it means a lot to me. This is packaging done right.

Why Buy?

That subheading definitely rhymed. I am Mos Def going to contact Aftermath Entertainment to get signed as the fourth head in the already existing three-headed monster (Dr. Dre, Eminem & Fiddy Cent); all while ironically being the third wheel. But first, this review needs to be finished.

Anyway, if you’re still asking yourself this question (why buy?), you’re either not convinced enough, or you need a proper all-in-one list of reasons to buy this product.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you, my dude. Here’s your all-in-one list of reasons to buy this product:

Beautiful, elegant and super premium look & feel. Not even exaggerating, everyone I met that saw this acknowledged the hell out of it!

Genuine wood*/carbon fiber incorporated into the case

 Hence, no two cases from this series can ever be identical in terms of looks and can never be the same in terms of feel, as there is no printing or predetermined pattern involved. It’s all natural

High quality product & materials (TPU polymer + actual wood*/carbon fiber)

Just the perfect low-profile type of grip despite the premium matte finish

Supports wireless charging effortlessly

Minimalist design with next to no branding (I hate branding, but this logo’s kind of cool and never in the way. It looks elegant, kind of like it makes a subtle yet strong statement)

Lightweight even though strong

Perfect thickness, no bulkiness despite its impact protection capabilities. So, very easy to pocket, un-pocket, and use for extended durations without any hand fatigue

Good raised screen lip (AKA raised-ness or raise-ivity or “raisivity”, as my dude Flossy says)

Good, protective back camera lip (raisivity)

Overall raisivity on the back prevents scratches even on the case’s back surface

Small empty regions in the corners of the case because of which the phone’s corners do not even touch the case’s corners! Best for those pesky corner drops

Good heat dissipation

Simple yet absolutely considerate packaging, with a thick plastic bag in which the case is, along with a silica gel packet that prevents moisture

Reasonable pricing

Top-notch customer service from the TekkiTake guys

There, who else puts it into convenient bullet points like your boy, eh?

*For the eco-friendly bros, the wood originates from sustainable resources such as forests in Asia, Germany and the USA, and then manufactured in an FSC certified factory. Mad respect to RAEGR/TekkiTake for being environmentally considerate

Conclusion + Coupon Codes

Now, what are you waiting for? The protection of your precious phone matters beyond anything, and so do the looks of it. This case will confidently provide you with protection, and will look good as hell while doing that. Go for it!

At the price of 1,499INR (about $20) normally, and 1,299INR (about $18) in discount periods (or if you use a coupon code), pricing is very reasonable for the protection these cases provide. Apply my coupon code on the TekkiTake website and you get a better discount than Amazon.IN most of the times!

TekkiTake page
Amazon.IN page

Head over to TekkiTake’s website using the below link and use my given coupon code for 13% off of your cart instantly. They have lots of stuff on their online store, including wireless chargers, wireless earphones/earpods, phone cases, phone accessories, smartwatch accessories, etc..

Show them some love and let them know I sent you there by using my URL. These guys are super cool!

Visit TekkiTake
Coupon code: NOOB

And this… This is reviewing done right.


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