Review: RAEGR AirShots 500 TWS Wireless Earphones – Done Right!

Lay the following scenario in your mind: You are the lead hero in a 2077 setting. You leave your hovering space-home and need music flowing into your ea…— What’s that? You need a visual description of said “space-home” to paint a better mental image? Gotchu’.

The air in your living quarters is saturated with wireless signals everywhere, it’s the future. In fact, every time you walk a centimeter, you intercept about 700MBs of random data in the air with your body, out of which a lot is probably even inappropriate. Cool. All your walls are probably holograms and shit, etcetera etcetera. Mental image should be complete by now. Come on, it’s 2077, there’s some cool Cyberpunk stuff going around everywhere, you know how it is. Now, about that derailed train of thought… Where were we?

Ah, yes. The effortless, untethered, wireless future; it’s here!

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Material & Quality

Audio Quality
What’s In The Box?
Why Buy?
Conclusion + Coupon Codes

Design & Comfort

The overall design of the RAEGR AirShots 500 is stylish, classy and minimalist while being absolutely convenient and functional; just the way a product of standard in this age is expected to be. As you may already know, this product consists of two separate components — The impressive pair of earphones and the equally impressive case that conveniently stores and charges them like a mini God damned defibrillator, as you will soon find out. Let’s move ahead with these two components in alphabetical order.

The Case

Oh my, where do I even start? This case has me awestruck (not an overstatement). It does not just look simplistically beautiful, but is designed with absolute functionality in  serious consideration.

High quality polymers and nowhere-damn-near-flimsy fittings, coupled with serious battery juice to power the earphones up to 15 times and a beautif…— What’s that? I lost you at “fifteen”? Yes, I had to collect my severed jaw from the floor as well. This sexy little case actually packs enough juice in it to fully charge the AirShots 500 earphones from 0% to 100% about fifteen times. Before I get into details, let’s have a few seconds of silence to absorb this beauty in the below images:

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Where was I? Yes, up to 15 times and a beautiful, convenient as hell, low-powered LCD display (yes, I know the “D” in “LCD” stands for “Display”, but this sounds more real-world) to show exactly how much the earphones are charged, how much battery remains in the charging case, and charging animations for both. This LCD display is paired with a hinged lid that’s just see-through enough to allow you to keep track of all the battery stats while the earphones are covered, protected and in place. 

One of the things I liked the most about the case is that it has these perfectly placed magnets to guide the earphones into the charging slots like pure magic.

Pop Right (cropped)
Magnetic sorcery is one of the strong suites of the AirShots 500.

You can be as careless and clumsy as possible and the magnets shall guide your earphones to the right path of their journey (or individual journeys) regardless. Super major dope. Find out more about these in the features section of this review.

The Earphones

These little pieces of auditory equipment might not look like much, but they’re edge-less — practically one smooth curve all over, everywhere.

This smooth design and finish, apart from just looking super nice, also provides an exceptionally comfortable fit — especially with the unorthodox proposed positioning — that allows each earphone module to be well-contained within the primary ridge of the outer ear (see among the below images to comprehend what I am trying to convey), which is very different from other types of wireless earphones. 

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Since the AirShots 500 earphones are designed carefully with scientific accuracy of the ear’s shape and contours in mind, they fit flush with the main ridge of each ear. This allows them to confidently be used while walking, or working out, or even running (yes, working out does loosely include running, but I needed to explicitly mention it) without any discomfort or worries.

This design and fit also allows putting on, keeping on for extended periods of time, being in crowds, and taking off these earphones to be extremely easy and secure. Ah, the effortless future.

Overall, the RAEGR AirShots 500 design is perfection; just the way it is intended to be, without any corner-cutting or compromise with respect to comfort whatsoever.

This is design & comfort done right.

Material & Quality

There’s a reason this product comes with 1.5 years of warranty (I know, it’s crazy). The polymer material used in the charging case and earphones is definitely of high quality, and is strong and durable enough for daily usage; even in a wide variety of weather conditions and usage scenarios. Although strong, the case and earphones —both— are very light, and in fact very well-balanced in terms of weight distribution all around. There’s no lopsidedness in terms of weight at any given point at all, which is a beautiful go in my OCD department!

The RAEGR AirShots 500 is excellent and impressive in terms of overall quality. The manufacturer seems to know what they’re doing, and have enough confidence in their product to provide a very respectable 1.5 year warranty period with it; and it most definitely shows in this product undoubtedly.

This is material & quality done right.


Super High Capacity Charging Case

The single most important feature of the RAEGR AirShots 500, hands down, is the charging case’s ability to charge the earphones up to fifteen times from 0% to 100%, which is just ridiculous. I cannot fathom how this number is even possible. This should be illegal… It is just that insane.

Do you even comprehend what that means? That means when you charge your earphones’ case fully just once, you will not have to charge it again unless you completely use your earphones from 100% to 0% fifteen times… That is so damn dope that it is downright unfair to the competitors.

The earphones take only 6% charge from the case in total while charging fully from 0% to 100%. This is a brilliant and very respectable implementation of battery management; all while not compromising with a single other aspect, delivering 100% of everything.

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My Usage: I bought these earphones a month ago. Ask me how many times I have charged the case till date; go ahead, ask me.

Answer: I have charged it half (0.5) a time, that too just for testing purposes. That’s right, not even one whole charge. I use the earphones literally every single day for 2 hours at 100% volume, and I have not had to charge the case in an entire month yet; and guess the percentage of battery remaining in the case? — 65. Sixty five percent. There is still 65% battery juice remaining in the charging case. How even…— what? This is high capacity charging cases done right.

Effortless Connection / Disconnection

This is the second most important feature of the AirShots 500 for me — the effortless continuity of tasks without having to bother about intervening and manually connecting/disconnecting the earphones; AKA effortless powering up and powering down without human interference. AKA the machines’ uprising.

Get this, once you pair the earphones with your device, the second you pick the earphones up from the charging slots in the case, they power on and automatically connect with your device within 5 seconds; without you having to do a single thing (except put them into your ears). Told you the future’s here, say goodbye to pushing buttons and shit.

As easy as powering on the earphones is, so is the powering off process; all you need to do is just pop the earphones right back into the charging slots in the case (even if the music is on) and they automatically disconnect from your device, then power off, and then start charging — All within 2 to 3 seconds tops.

Continuity at its finest. Absolutely effortless. Absolutely convenient. Absolutely dope. This is effortlessness done right.

Magnetically Guided Storage

Here comes the second best feature of this product for me — the magnetic sorceryThere are perfectly — and I mean perfectly — placed magnets in the charging case and earphones, which beautifully guide the earphones with impeccable finesse into their respective destined charging/storage slots. See for yourself!

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

You can be a clumsy and careless savage while placing these earphones into the case, yet land them with precision without having to worry about misplacing or missing them; all thanks to the brilliant magnetic guidance, which provide way more guidance than your friendly neighborhood senpai.

This is magnetically guided storage done right.

Complete Music Control

In other earphones’ remotes, you typically have to double-press the action button for the next track and triple-press it for the previous track. Right?

The Airshots 500 earphones have one action button per module and using them is stupid simple, yet one of the coolest experiences with these things!

Earphone (1)
Abandon all underestimations, ye of skepticism! For this single action button conveniently operates music unlike any other traditional music remote you have ever used.

In order to skip to the next track, you need to double-press the action button on your right ear — yeah, the usual stuff, isn’t it? Okay, now get this — and to get to the previous track, you need to double-press the action button on your left ear. How dopety dope is that? Music controls just like on your phone’s music player! I classify that as dopety dope as hell.

Now, for lefties, of course, this might be a whole different OCD nightmare, but it is a definite score for the righties.

Here are the extremely convenient (and cool) action button operations for music:

Click left/right earphone once — Play/Pause track
Click right earphone twice — Next track
Click left earphone twice — Previous track
Click right earphone thrice — Volume up
Click left earphone thrice — Volume down
Long-press left/right earphone (1-2 seconds) — Assistant / Bixby / Siri

This is music control done right.

Complete Call Control

As convenient and cool as the music controls are, coming in equally hot (cool) are the call controls. Simple, easy to know from impulse, and not weirdly complicated as to make you look like a complete idiot in a formal setting (not speaking from personal experience, but we shall now skip the subject).

Here are the extremely convenient (and cool) action button operations for calls:

Click right earphone once —  Answer incoming call / End ongoing call
Long-press right earphone (1-2 seconds) — Reject incoming call
Click left/right earphone thrice — Redial last dialed phone number

This is call control done right.

Charge Level Display

Another extremely useful blessing of a feature in the AirShots 500, is the low-power, in-built LCD display in the charging case. RAEGR was considerate enough to implement this display intelligently by also making the case lid translucent enough just to allow the battery stats to be visible without opening the case.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

This display indicates the following battery stats:

Total battery percentage remaining in the case
Charge level remaining in the earphones (individually)
Charging animation while charging the earphones
Charging animation while charging the case

What makes the display and lid chemistry perfect, is that the earphones are never visible with the case closed, yet the battery stats are. Stealth mode, always on.

This is charge level displays done right.

Battery Consumption & Life (Earphones)

This is yet another quite impressive aspect of the AirShots 500 earphones. On a full charge, the earphones can continuously play music for 4.5 hours at 70% volume; while at 100% volume, the play time is 3 hours.

Also, due to the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection between the earphones and the connected device, the battery consumption on the device connected to is next to nothing. In 2 hours of continuous music being transmitted to my earphones, my phone’s battery percentage depleted by only 1% rom the Bluetooth module’s usage!

Battery Consumption

Continuous music for 3 to 4.5 hours through such tiny little portals that lead sound into your auditory canal… I wonder where and how they even stuff all the battery required for this much juice into such a small device… What is this sorcery?!

This sorcery is battery consumption & life done right.

Fast Charging

Oh, yes. What’s a high standard modern device nowadays without fast charging support?

I need not write a paragraph for this, just the stats below should be sufficient enough:

Earphones: From 0% to 100% in 1 hour, and deplete with 3 hours (at 100% volume) to 4.5 hours (at 70% volume) of continuous music being played through them.

Charging Case: From 0% to 100% within 40 minutes, and provides up to 15 full charges to the earphones

Very impressive stats here; just the way they should be. This is fast charging done right

Water Resistance (Rated IPX7)

Even the best pairs of earphones/headphones get ruined if they’re not resistant to the usual day-to-day exposure to rain or sweat. Thankfully, the AirShots 500 also has that department covered. 

Here, I even took some pictures of it in the rain:

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

With the IP rating of IPX7, the AirShots 500 are practically watertight and immune against water for immersion up to 1 meter, for a maximum of 30 minutes. This easily means that even the heaviest of rains or the sweatiest of sweat won’t do shit to these bad boys. This is impressive.

This is water resisting done right.

Phone Stand (?!?)

Yes, as if it wasn’t already enough that the case was giving you sufficient storage, adequate protection, extreme battery juice, magnet sorcery, and a fully detailed display; RAEGR just went for the overkill package and threw in another capability to the list of things this black box of earphones can do — hold your phone for you.

Phone Stand

I’ll be honest, I had chuckled when I first saw this being a “feature” in one of their images; there was no damn way this small case and its “phone stand” would be able to support a big phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, let alone it be a useful feature.

But, oh boy, was I wrongThe case actually does effortlessly support big phones, while being completely stable and holding it at an angle that is just perfect for the viewing experience. I feel stupid for laughing now…

Anyway, here’s one more scenario to lay into your mind:

You’re outside.

You want to watch something on your phone alone or with a friend, without holding your phone in your hands.

But you do not have those cases with the in-built kickstands on the back. Bummer.

So, you improvise by setting your phone at an angle leaning against something on the table.

Then that little piece of shit keeps slipping.

Watching experience ruined.

Well, after you get the RAEGR AirShots 500, you shall not have any further similar experiences. I cannot believe I am writing this, but… This is phone stands in earphone cases (?!) done right.

The 1.5-Year Warranty

Not exactly a feature, but come on, you know this is damn respectable. What’s even more respectable is the unsung fact that underneath this long warranty period, is the magnitude of confidence and faith the manufacturer has in their product. That speaks volumes, my dude. At least to me. Mad rad post-grad respect, lad.

The product comes with 1 year of warranty by default, and the additional 6 months of extended warranty can be applied simply by filling out this registration form on their website:

Easy as that! Who knew 6 months of additional warranty could be acquired by filling a mere form?

This is warranty done right.

Audio Quality

Here we are, the moment of truth; the most crucial aspect of any audio device. The audio quality. This is slightly more complicated than to just be classified into a specific vague category such as bass-heavy, or flat, etc..

The RAEGR guys have the following in their listing’s description: “Provides perfect thumping bass without overpowering the highs and mids. You can enjoy the clear vocals with perfect balance.”, and this section of the review will definitely Mythbusters the shit out of this. Let’s find out!

Typically, music comprises of three major components in terms of pitches & frequencies: Highs, mids & lows. These are what need to be in a balanced and very proportional manner in music in order to make listening a higher quality experience. Even if you are not aware of these terms, you will be after reading through this section, not to worry. 

Highs (Treble)

Simply put, highs are the bits or layers in music which consist of high intensity pitches & frequencies. A good example of such a sound in music would be of the flute, violin or a whistle. This is also where the “Treble” aspect of audio resides.

The AirShots 500 deliver just the right amount of highs. Not too sharp, and definitely not dull at all. Vocals, snares, claps, cymbals, etc. sound crisp as hell while also not at all masking over the mids and lows, or sharply invading your eardrums like the USA just found oil in there. Very good highs, check.

Lows (Bass)

Lows are the bits or layers in music which consist of low intensity pitches & frequencies. A good example of such a sound in music would be of the typical bass or a low grumble. This is also where the “Bass” aspect of audio resides.

These earphones deliver lows/bass indeed with a “thump”. Not like an explicitly bass-heavy pair of headphones/earphones would deliver, but a very respectable thump nonetheless. But as they also claim, the bass does not overpower the highs and mids at all, providing the listener with absolutely balanced sound even with bass that’s pretty damn good enough. Very good lows, check.


Mids are the bits or layers in music which consist of medium intensity pitches & frequencies. This is where all the pitches between the highs/treble and lows/bass in the audio spectrum reside. So, basically, all the sounds that are neither explicitly “sharp” sounding, nor explicitly “deep”; everything in between.

Phew, that one was tougher than the other two to explain.

Not much to convey here, since the highs and lows are well-balanced in the AirShots 500, this automatically makes the mids the most balanced of frequencies in the spectrum already. So, by default — Very good mids, check.


The volume on these earphones are just sufficient enough to not be too loud, and also not too low as to let external sound influence the listening experience. Nothing from the outside world will bother your listening experience even in daily commute like buses and trains (tested personally). Perfect, even though I’ve preferred my music being super loud for about two decades now.


I shamelessly classify myself as the type of person that prefers loud and very bass-heavy music, and so, I was initially a little disappointed in the sound the earphones delivered. But I shit you not, the experience gradually completely changed; I think this is because of typical speaker burn-in (the period of time it takes for a new set of speakers to adjust to delivering sound to their full potential. This is a typical thing for almost all speakers). Or it could have been me just eventually appreciating and experiencing balanced audio for the first time. Whatever it was, this was a revelation.

It is absolutely bizarre how the simply put “Provides perfect thumping bass without overpowering the highs and mids. You can enjoy the clear vocals with perfect balance.” by the TekkiTake guys is absolutely 100% accurate. I cannot stress this enough, these guys know what they’re talking about; this is audio as good as it can get on speakers this tiny.

This is sound quality done absolutely, right.

NOTE: Make sure you judge the audio quality after the speakers’ burn-in period. This could be anywhere from a few hours to a day or two of music playing through them, depending on the type of music. After this burn-in period, the speakers should ideally deliver at their peak. I had misjudged them at first thinking they’re weak, but then, I was amazed post-burn-in by the sound quality, volume and bass. Also, an unsaid prerequisite is that you are playing good/high quality music (at least 320kbps) through them; not 192kbps music with 3MB-ish sizes.


The earphones are universally compatible; simple and concise. This means every device that has the capability to output audio signals via Bluetooth, can effortlessly pair and connect to the AirShots 500. Universal compatibility.

This is compatibility done right.

What’s In The Box?

Good question, my curious dude. The contents of the box is as follows:

[1] RAEGR’s AirShots 500 TWS earphones (of course)
[2] Fast charge supporting cable -— 1ft. long
[3] Small and Large sized earbuds (Medium sized ones are on the earphones)
[4] Warranty card + User manual

Click on an image to open its full-sized version


The packaging is very simple, straightforward, and considerate. There’s foam cushioning all around the earphones and case to ensure proper protection against impact while shipping/handling; and a small pouch of high quality soft material in which the case is packaged, protected against scratches.

This is packaging done right.

The Provided Cable

I did not really expect this, but the 1 foot long cable that’s provided in the box is of high quality. I was expecting one of those flimsy ass USB cables with horrible finishing and unfinished rubber edges sharp enough to fashion into a prison shank, but again, mad respect.

Oh, and not only is the cable high quality, but it supports fast charge (another thing I wasn’t really expecting), and that is big. The usual budget devices typically come with low quality cables that do not support fast charge.

This is cable providing done right.

Why Buy?

Why buy? Well, might I set a finite set of sky high expectations for you, my guy. If fire rhymes like these (color-coded for the sake of convenience) do not land me a record deal very soon, I cannot even begin to express how slept on of an artist I really am.

Anyway, if you’re still asking yourself this question (why buy?), you’re either not convinced enough, or you need a proper all-in-one list of reasons to buy this product.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you, my guy. Here’s a finite set of reasons to buy this product:

High quality product (made from strong and durable polymer materials)

Extremely high capacity charging case — Can charge the earphones from 0% to 100% up to 15 times on a single charge; charge the case once and then forget it!

Comfortable, convenient and smooth earphone design that allows for extended durations of usage without any discomfort, fatigue or sweating in or around the ears

Perfectly balanced earphones — Very good quality lows/bass that never overpower the highs and mids; nice and crisp highs (treble) that are neither too sharp nor too dull, just perfect; mids reside properly between the highs and lows, distinguishable but not too prominent. In short, perfectly tuned

Just the right amount of volume — Not too loud, and not too low as to let external noise interfere with your music; bus and train commute approved

Very impressive and appreciable overall sound quality that will most definitely grow on you even if you prefer loud and bass-heavy music

Minimalist and stylish overall design approach (earphones and case, both)

Effortless connection/disconnection — Pick the earphones up from the charging case and they automatically turn on and connect to the paired device within seconds; put them back into the charging case (even while music is playing) and they automatically disconnect, power off, and start charging

Perfectly placed magnets in the earphones and case help beautifully guide the earphones into their specific charging slots, no matter how clumsy and careless you are

• Very useful low-power in-built LCD display that shows the charge level of the earphones, the battery remaining in the charging case, and has charging animations for both

Complete music and call control — A single action button on each earphone with very simple and actually cool controls regarding music and calls; best for righties

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection ensures absolute minimum power depletion from your phone (1% decrease in phone battery over 2+ hours of continuous music through the earphones)

 Genuinely water resistant with an IP rating of IPX7 — Watertight construction makes it immune to water immersion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. So, clearly, no amount of rain and/or sweat can cause any harm

High quality micro-USB cable (supporting fast charge) included in the box

 Super respectable 1.5-year warranty period (1 year out the box, + 6 months upon registration on the TekkiTake website)

Funny, but surprisingly functional phone stand that supports even huge phones with complete stability; and holds it at the perfect angle for ideal viewing

Reasonable price — You just cannot get all the above features + the warranty these guys provide at this price point, from any other brand. This is an absolutely recommended purchase

Very respectable packaging and packaging quality

Top-notch customer service from the TekkiTake guys

There, ain’t no homie homie enough to put it all into convenient bullet points like your homie, homie.

Conclusion + Coupon Codes

High quality water resistant earphones with superior sound, check.

Super dope high capacity charging case, check.

Dedicated charge level indicating display, check.

Dedicated single action button with easy and useful controls, check.

1.5 years of warranty from the best customer service I have dealt with, check.

This is madness; this is the absolute ideal wireless earphones + charging case pair, and other brands are lucky RAEGR is not very widely known at the moment or else this product would intimidate and dominate the competitors, especially at the price range. Mad respect. You need to cop this.

At the price of 2,999INR (about $40) normally, and 2,499INR (about $35) in discount periods (or if you use a coupon code), you will not get the above features in any other place for the same low price. Apply my coupon code on the TekkiTake website and you get a better discount than Amazon.IN most of the times!

TekkiTake page
Amazon.IN page

Head over to TekkiTake’s website using the below link and use my given coupon code for 13% off of your cart instantly. They have lots of stuff on their online store, including wireless chargers, wireless earphones/earpods, phone cases, phone accessories, smartwatch accessories, etc..

Show them some love and let them know I sent you there by using my URL. These guys are super cool!

Visit TekkiTake
Coupon code: NOOB

And this… This is reviewing done right.


  1. I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!


    1. Hi, Prith!

      Yes, you can definitely use one earpod while the other one is charging or turned off. Do make sure you get 13% off when purchase it through my referral code if you make up your mind!


  2. got this based on just this review and I was worried. but not a single word in here is what I cannot relate to! THANK YOU, very satisfied


    1. Hey, Ron! Are you sure you didn’t refresh/quit/ go back from the little transitioning page that is shown right after the payment is successfully complete? Because if so, the payment mostly does not go through and you then get refunded within 5 business days.

      But if you are 100% sure you did it right, this might be an issue from TekkiTake’s side. Hit them up at They have fantastic customer service and will resolve your issue ASAP!


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