Review: RAEGR AirBeats 500 Wireless Headphones – Done Right!

You’ve taken upon yourself an endeavor that is only taken upon by beings of a higher order; an endeavor of which the path consists of unfathomable dilemmas, an immense magnitude of testing, and then a final leap of faith — Either leading to acquiring simply the best, or mere regret in the long run… The classic, infamous, “deciding on a pair of headphones” conundrum.

Been there. Done that. With over literally 400 pairs of headphones. Yes, I have literally tested over four hundred pairs of headphones in my existence, and hence, I think I can have at least 20% of a decision-making say in your endeavor as well.

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Feast your eyes upon this modest beast. Your search ends here. Here’s an honest and genuine music enthusiast’s review of the RAEGR AirBeats 500 headphones, or as I call them — The AirBeast 666. Yes, they are pretty God damned (ha!) good; and that’s an understatement, as you will find out in this here review.

Material & Quality

Audio Quality
What’s In The Box?
Why Buy?

6-Month Update
Conclusion + Coupon Codes

Design & Comfort

The RAEGR AirBeats 500 are an on-ear pair of headphones, with RAEGR’s signature overall minimalist design, and added sportiness. That’s about it for the design aspect in super simple terms; I am just not being able to contain it in myself and am way more excited to highlight how much of an absolutely convenient and functional beast regarding the caliber of audio these headphones are. Just the way a perfectly high standard pair of headphones in this age is expected to be.

Overall, these look quite simple; in fact, this simplistic pair of auditory equipment may not look very intimidating, but oh boy, that’s exactly where they’re shoving all of that demon modesty, as you will find out in the audio quality section.

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As the AirBeats 500 are on-ear in terms of form factor, they sit just adequately on the ear while also encapsulating the outer ridges of the ear, both at the same time. This allows them to confidently be used while walking, or working out, or even running (yes, working out does loosely include running, but I needed to explicitly mention it) without any annoyances or discomfort.

This design and fit also allow putting them on and keeping them on for extended periods of time, comfortably being in crowds, and taking off these earphones — all extremely easy and secure.

Now, regarding the aspect of comfort; as the cushions are breathable in nature, they are pretty comfortable to keep on the ears for extended durations; so your ears won’t heat up like when your English teacher humiliated you in front of the entire class in the 2nd grade after you peed your pants laughing at a fart/poop joke.

Overall, the RAEGR AirBeats 500’s design consists of no corner-cutting or compromises whatsoever.

This is design & comfort done right.

Material & Quality

There’s a reason this product comes with 1.5 years of warranty (I know, it’s ridiculous). Some of the areas where the material and quality are prominently appreciable are:

The Polymer Structure

Neat. The headphones’ main structure, simply put, is of pretty high quality. There’s some good flexibility in the structure where there should be, adding to comfort and durability. The material is light, and feels strong enough to withstand day-to-day usage for a long amount of time. And then, of course, there’s my personal favorite — the matte finishing!

The AirBeats 500 head/neck band.

Just take a moment out of your time to observe the construction here; that’s proper reinforcement. This is how joints in extending headphones are supposed to be made strong. This is high standard construction and I respect the shit out of it. 

Thick Rubber Mesh Layer

I have not seen something like this being implemented a lot. Never, actually, but I just wanted to sound like I know things and have traveled the world. I haven’t. Anyway, re-railing now. Here’s what this subheading is all about:

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

The primary polymer band is accompanied by a high quality, thick rubber mesh layer, possibly for comfort. I cannot seem to understand any other reason or use for the rubber layer, but it looks and feels pretty darn nice.


These are built damn well. Period.

Okay, un-period, I have some more to say about them.

The AirBeats 500 is built strong, and built to last long. Even in a wide variety of weather conditions and usage scenarios due to its IP rating and light profile. Oh so light, yet oh so strong; and in fact very well-balanced in terms of weight distribution all around. There’s no lopsidedness in terms of weight at any given point at all, which is a beautiful go in my OCD department!


The RAEGR AirBeats 500 is quite impressive in terms of overall quality. The manufacturer knows what they’re doing, and have enough confidence in their product to provide a very respectable 1.5 year warranty period with it, which many brands fail to provide or follow through; and it most definitely shows in this product undoubtedly.

This is material & quality done right.


Super High Capacity Battery

One of the most important features of Bluetooth audio is—right off the bat—the battery life, which is just absurd in these headphones. At 10 hours of play time (at 70% volume), I cannot fathom how this number is even possible. Where does the battery even reside to be big enough to hold that much juice? And how are these headphones this light if the batteries are in the left and right ear cups? Truly a mystery, but definitely not just a theoretical number. That is so damn dope that it must be downright unfair to the competitors.

Also, they take only 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge fully from 0% to 100%. This is a very cool implementation of battery management; all while not compromising with a single other aspect; nice charging/full indications, no heating, and they can be charged while also connected via the AUX cable (drawing audio power from your outputting device) so you have zero interruptions. All this, plus delivering 100% of everything. Dope.

Continuous music for 10 hours through 40mm portals (drivers) that lead sound into your auditory canal… Again, I wonder where and how they even stuff all this juice into such a small device. I am guessing some of it has to be in the headband, but… it’s too thin… What is this sorcery?!

This sorcery is super high capacity battery done right.

Effortless & Simultaneous Connections

This is the second most important feature of Bluetooth audio, at least for me. For starters, the AirBeats 500 connects automatically and instantly with your paired device(s), no delay whatsoever.

Not only that, but it can simultaneously be connected with your laptop and mobile device. Yeaaaaap, you read it right. You can answer calls from your phone effortlessly while you are using the headphones with your laptop. How dope is that?! Effortless continuity of tasks without having to bother about intervening and manually connecting/disconnecting with multiple devices; AKA the machines’ imminent and upcoming uprising. Brilliant!

Continuity at its finest. Effortless. Convenient. Ergo, dope. This is effortlessness done right.

Changeable & Washable Ear Cushions

Depending on which color you order (green or red), you get an extra pair of cushions of that particular color as well, in addition to the default black ear cup cushions that the AirBeats 500 come equipped with out of the box. Mad rad ironclad respect for that, lad.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

These cushions are of the breathable kind, and therefore help with some air ventilation so the ears do not tend to get hot/warm with extended use. But that’s not it. No. These are washable as well, bro. Yes, washable. In italics and everything.

Are your ear cup cushions dirty? Did you drench them in sweat while working out, or expose them to too much dust over long-term usage, and now wished your headphones could be popped into the washing machine to be cleaned thoroughly? Well, you can! Okay, not the headphones entirely per se, but at least those dirty cushions — you can!

Pop your dirty ear cup cushions into the washing machine (preferably on the “Gentle” mode) and your headphones will smell, feel and look good as new (maybe even better if you use that good fabric softener shit). Super considerate from the manufacturers’ side. Double mad rad ironclad respect.

This is ear cushions providing done right.

Wired / Wireless Connectivity

My personal favorite. Apart from the primarily advertised Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity, the AirBeats 500 comes with a 3.5mm audio port as well. This is extremely convenient and an absolute necessity as it ensures minimal compromise. You can use up all the 10 hours of battery juice this thing somehow fits in itself, and then switch to wired mode if you run out of battery (if you have an AUX cable around). Take a look at the inputs here (one micro-USB charging port and one 3.5mm audio port):

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

Also, for the curious ones, yes, you can charge these headphones using a micro-USB cable while simultaneously also having them on your ears in wired mode using an AUX cable. That’s just fucking awesome, quite frankly. Pardon my Français.

This is connectivity done right.

Complete Music & Call Control

The headphones have a control module on the right ear cup, with high quality rubber buttons that have just the right amount of tactile feedback. The three buttons it consists of are the “+”, Play/Pause, and “-” buttons, and behave as you would expect them to according to conventional standards.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

In order to skip to the next track, you need to long-press the “+” button on your right ear cup, and to get to the previous track, you need to long-press the “-” button. You get the gist. Super simple.

However, I am more adapted to the whole “left ear cup control module and AUX port” convention as in standard international headphones; so it was a little different for me at first, but that’s alright. Now, for lefties though, of course, this might be a whole different OCD nightmare, but it shouldn’t make a huge difference after some use. Not worth taking this as a heavy con when all the other aspects are dopety dope, in my opinion. Besides, I am just a dude on the internet.

Here are the extremely convenient button operations for music:

Click the middle Play/Pause button once — Play/Pause track
Long-press the “+” button — Next track
Long-press the “-” button — Previous track
Click the “+” button once — Volume up
Click the “-” button once — Volume down
Long-press the middle Play/Pause button (1-2 seconds) — Assistant / Bixby / Siri
Long-press the middle Play/Pause button (3 seconds) — Power On/Off

This is music control done right.

And here are the extremely convenient button operations for calls:

Click the middle Play/Pause button once — Answer incoming call
Click the middle Play/Pause button once — End ongoing call
Click the “+” button once — Volume up
Click the “-” button once — Volume down

This is music control done right.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Due to the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection between the headphones and the connected device, the battery consumption on the device connected to is next to nothing. In 10 hours of continuous music being transmitted to my headphones, my phone’s battery percentage depleted by only 5% from the Bluetooth module’s usage!

This is Bluetooth standards done right.

Fast Charging

Oh, yes. What’s a high standard modern device nowadays without fast charging support?

I do not need to write much about this, just the stats below should be sufficient enough:

These headphones charge completely from 0% to 100% in ~2.5 hours, and deplete with 10 hours (at 70% volume) of continuous music being played through them. That’s just too damn good. All you need to do, to have your headphones charged with enough juice for at least 3-4 days of casual college/work/home commute, is just 2 hours and 40 minutes worth charging!

RAEGR has even included a fast charging micro-USB cable in the box!

This is fast charging done right.

Water Resistance (Rated IPX4)

Even the best pairs of earphones/headphones get ruined if they’re not resistant to the usual, day-to-day exposure to rain and/or sweat. Thankfully, the AirBeats 500, being designed with sports in consideration, has even that department covered.

With the IP rating of IPX4, the AirBeats 500 are splash-proof. So, they’re immune to casual rains and typical workout session sweat. Definitely not immersion-proof though.

Demons + water = tssssssss. But this is pretty cool nonetheless. This is water resisting done right.

The 1.5-Year Warranty

Not exactly a feature, but come on, you know this is damn respectable. What’s even more respectable is the unsung fact that underneath this long warranty period, is the magnitude of confidence and faith the manufacturer has in their product. That speaks volumes, my dude. At least to me. Mad rad post-grad respect, lad.

The product comes with 1 year of warranty by default, and the additional 6 months of extended warranty can be applied simply by filling out this registration form on their website:

Easy as that! Who knew 6 months of additional warranty could be acquired by filling a mere form? Not this guy!

This is warranty done right.

Audio Quality

Here we are, the moment of truth; the most crucial aspect of any audio device. The audio quality. This is where I would like to get a little technical as it absolutely requires so. These headphones are slightly more complicated than to just be classified into a vague category such as flat, or bass-heavy, etc., but bear with me, it’s not that complicated.

Typically, music comprises of three major components in terms of pitches & frequencies: Highs, mids & lows. These are what need to be in a balanced and very proportionate manner in music in order to make listening a higher quality experience. Even if you are not aware of these terms, you will be after reading through this section, not to worry. 

Highs (Treble)

Simply put, highs are the bits or layers in music which consist of high intensity pitches & frequencies. A good example of such a sound in music would be of the flute, violin or a whistle. This is also where the “Treble” aspect of audio resides.

The AirBeats 500 deliver just the perfect amount of highs. Not too sharp, and definitely not dull at all. Vocals, snares, claps, high synths, cymbals, etc. sound crisp as hell while also not at all masking over the mids and lows by even the slightest of magnitudes; or even sharply invading your eardrums like the USA just found oil in there. Very good highs, check.

Lows (Bass)

Lows are the bits or layers in music which consist of low intensity pitches & frequencies. A good example of such a sound in music would be of the typical bass or a low grumble. This is also where the “Bass” aspect of audio resides.

Oh boy, do these headphones deliver in this domain… The lows/bass are absolutely thick (in fact, thicc), juicy and powerful. Classification: Dope.

All bass frequencies from the deepest and lowest to the shallowest and highest, all are perfectly and impressively output as if the theme to the gates of hell opening for you. Super sick lows, check.


Mids are the bits or layers in music which consist of medium intensity pitches & frequencies. This is where all the pitches between the highs/treble and lows/bass in the audio spectrum reside. So, basically, these are all the sounds that are neither explicitly “sharp” sounding, nor explicitly “deep”; everything in between.

Phew, that one was tougher than the other two to explain.

The mids are just about right in these headphones. Balanced and just right. That would be all that I can articulate. So, very good mids, check.


The volume on these headphones… Oh, man. It does not deserve just some bland understatement such as “insane volume, bro!”. Let me put it this way — These are “specifically hired professional demons of top-level hierarchy screaming at the top of their hell-manufactured lungs inside your brain’s auditory perception region” level headphones. These are truly the AirBeast 500.

Nothing from the outside world will ever bother your listening experience even in daily commute like buses and trains (tested personally); or even if an alien aircraft crashes/lands right beside you, actually. Area-51 approved. Just perfect, because I have preferred my music god-tier loud since about two decades, and the AirBeats 500 headphones make my ears drool rivers with the sheer power they possess when turned up to maximum volume.


I cannot stress this enough, these RAEGR guys know exactly what they’re doing; this is audio as good as it can get in the world of headphones, especially at this budget. This is perfect calibration. I have personally tried on over 400 different pairs of earphones/headphones in my life and I have only been this impressed twice. Maybe thrice. I am absolutely confident in saying these are one of the best pairs of headphones I have ever owned, and they are very, very underrated. I shit you not, the AirBeats 500 are a revelation.

The only con I found with these headphones is that there is some leakage in sound. But this is bound to happen when the headphones are these loud and have breathable ear cup cushions. The isolation factor decreases by a considerable factor due to the breathable cushions alone. No big deal though, unless you listen to highly inappropriate audio outside; in which case, what’s going on in your life, bro? All good in the hood?

This is sound quality done absolutely, hellishly, majorly, right.

NOTE: Make sure you judge the audio quality after the speakers’ burn-in period. This could be anywhere from a few hours to a day or two of music playing through them, depending on the type of music. After this burn-in period, the speakers should ideally deliver at their peak. Try not to judge audio equipment before at least a few hours worth of burn-in. Also, an unsaid prerequisite is that you are playing good/high quality music (at least 320kbps) through them; not 192kbps music with 3MB-ish sizes.


The AirBeats 500 are universally compatible; simple and concise. This means every device that has the capability to output audio signals via Bluetooth, can effortlessly pair and connect to the AirBeats 500. Ergo, universal compatibility.

This is compatibility done right.

What’s In The Box?

Good question, my curious dude. The contents of the box is as follows:

[1] RAEGR’s AirBeats 500 headphones (of course)
[2] High quality fast charge supporting micro-USB cable
[3] High quality AUX cable
[4] Dope as hell, high quality, soft-felt carrying pouch
[5] Extra green/red pair of breathable cushions
[6] Warranty card + User manual


The Provided Cables

I did not really expect this, but the cables provided in the box are of high quality. These are definitely not those flimsy ass USB and AUX cables with horrible finishing and unfinished rubber edges sharp enough to fashion into a prison shank. Mad respect.

Oh, and not only are the cables high quality, but the USB cable supports fast charging (another thing you do not really expect from new/obscure brands), and that is big. The usual budget devices typically come with low quality cables that do not provide this consideration and quality.

This is cable providing done right.

The Provided Carrying Pouch

Yeap, it comes with a sick carrying pouch too. I know, at this point, they’re just being too nice. I am now used to this quality of products from the RAEGR guys; they just consistently surprise me with the amount of consideration they have for their costumers. Anyway, back to the carrying pouch.

Click on an image to open its full-sized version

It’s one of those surprisingly high quality “soft felt” synthetic leather pouches, with adequate protection for the headphones. They look and feel super dope and premium, with the sweet as hell matte texture dominating every single other aspect of it, at least for me. “Matte Black Everything” gang all day, every day.

This is carrying pouch providing done right.

Why Buy?

If you’re still asking yourself this question (why buy?), you’re either not convinced enough, or you need that bullet point list of reasons to buy this product.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Fuck bullet points; here’s an entire banana magazine:

High quality product (made from strong and durable polymer materials) while very light, flexible enough for good durability, and pretty impressive and strong construction

Extremely high capacity battery — up to 10 hours of playback time on a 2.5 hours’ charge!

Wireless Bluetooth + Wired AUX connectivity modes; a much needed feature in all modern pairs!

Comfortable, convenient and smooth design that allows for extended durations of usage without any discomfort, fatigue or sweating in or around the ears; workout approved AF

Volume level is unparalleled and personally crafted by demons; these will knock your Church socks off. It goes without saying, but bus and train commute approved

Some of the best audio I have experienced in headphones, genuinely. Perfect and crisp highs, just the right mids, and super powerful lows that are not overpowering. Very well-calibrated high quality audio, hence one of my most favorite even when compared to the overrated audio giant brands

Comes with an extra set of green/red ear cup cushions based on your order. These are washable, changeable, and are of the breathable kind that are really nice for general sports usage scenarios. No more warming up ears while you warm up your system in your cardio!

Minimalist and stylish overall design approach, with no compromise in quality whatsoever (headphones and accessories)

Effortless connection/disconnection — Power on the headphones and they will instantly connect to the paired device and transmit audio. Stay connected to both, a laptop and a mobile phone simultaneously! Watch movies or listen to music on your laptop and answer calls from your phone without having to disconnect/reconnect, how sick is that?!

Simply beautiful synthetic leather carrying pouch included in the box. They look and feel super premium. Carry your audio in style while you protect them from external crap!

Complete music and call control — 3 convenient rubber buttons with dope tactile feedback for control over your calls and music, placed on the right ear cup

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection ensures absolute minimum power depletion from your phone (4-5% decrease in phone battery over 10 hours of continuous music through the earphones)

Genuinely water resistant with an IP rating of IPX4 — Rated splash-proof, so casual rain or your typical sweaty workout will not cause any harm to these headphones

High quality micro-USB cable (supporting fast charge) and AUX cable included in the box

 Super respectable 1.5-year warranty period (1 year out the box, + 6 months upon registration on the TekkiTake website)

Reasonable price — You just cannot get all the above features + the warranty these guys provide at this price point, from any other brand. This is an absolutely recommended purchase

Very good packaging and packaging quality

Top-notch customer service from the TekkiTake guys

Literally the only con I found (kind of nitpicking here) with these headphones is that there is some leakage in sound. But this is bound to happen when the headphones are these loud and have breathable ear cup cushions; no big deal though

There, Christmas came early this year (applies to any year, depends on when you are reading this review).

6-Month Update

Came here for the 6-month update? Let me do you one better. In fact, let me do you two better, hombre.

This pair of headphones has been my daily driver for over eight months now, and I am surprised at how the headphones are just as they were on day one. I have been very careless about them and use them with my computer system and mobile phone for about 16 hours a day, yet not a single worrying creak or click when I flex them to put over my ears — despite the sleek design of the band! They are super durable and that is what you expect from products of high quality; very impressed. Saw that nice reinforced structure up in the Material & Quality section? Yes, this is what that is all about.

Adding further to the structural integrity, the sound, battery, connectivity, and typically all other aspects are just the same as day one as well — This is a certified awesome purchase!

Conclusion + Coupon Codes

High quality, absolutely superior audio, check.

High quality build and material(s), check.

Super dope high capacity battery, check.

Wireless and wired connectivity, check.

Dedicated buttons for easy calls/music control, check.

Washable & changeable ear cup cushions, check.

Sick convenient carrying pouch, check.

1.5 years of warranty from the best customer service I have dealt with, check.

This is madness; this is easily the absolute ideal pair of headphones at this form factor and price, and other brands are lucky RAEGR is not very widely known at the moment or else this product would intimidate and dominate the competitors, especially at the price range. Mad respect. You need to cop this. Cop this quick.

At the price of 3,599INR (about $50) normally, and 2,999INR (about $40) in discount periods (or if you use a coupon code), you will not get the above audio quality and features in any other place for the same low price. Apply my coupon code on the TekkiTake website and you get a better discount than Amazon.IN most of the times!

TekkiTake page
Amazon.IN page

Head over to TekkiTake’s website using the below link and use my given coupon code for 13% off of your cart instantly. They have lots of stuff on their online store, including wireless chargers, wireless earphones/earpods, phone cases, phone accessories, smartwatch accessories, etc..

Show them some love and let them know I sent you there by using my URL. These guys are super cool!

Visit TekkiTake
Coupon code: NOOB

And this… This is reviewing done right.


  1. The youtube videos all seemed like bought reviews. This article is perfect. It has detail, good images, and very technical perspectives. Thanks


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