[MVP Challenge] Final Instructions

Step 1. Send us an e-mail with the following:

A. Your result in the format MVP{X}, where “X” is your solution [required]

B. Download and execute this simple token generator to generate a unique token which you would also add to this e-mail. Note that if you already have the token generator from a previous challenge level, you do not need to re-download it for this one as well [required]

C. Your full name and/or pseudo-name/nickname (if any), exactly however you would like it being displayed in our Hall of MVPs [required]

D. Your LinkedIn profile URL, if you would like your listed name to be hyperlinked to it [optional]

E-mail: challenges@thecomputernoob.com
Subject: “MVP Challenge #N”, where “N” is the challenge level (eg: 1, 2, 3, etc.) [required]

You may copy and paste the below pre-format within your e-mail:

Result: MVP{}
LinkedIn Profile URL: 

Step 2. After sending us the above e-mail:

A. Fill this feedback form [required]

B. If you choose to post the acknowledgement on LinkedIn once you receive it from us, do mention us using “@The Computer Noob” in your post(s) to let us know and get an extra like from us too! If you are a hashtag person, you could also use #thecomputernoob, #mvpchallenge and #hallofmvps hashtags along with your own if you would like [optional]

If your result is correct and your entry fulfills all the above required elements, your name will be added to our Hall of MVPs automatically. Please note that this may take up to 72 hours from your entry being received at our end. If, however, your result is incorrect or your entry does not fulfill any one of the above required elements, you will not be notified.