MVP Challenge: Level III

Remember our previous MVP Challenge? Level III is now live!

Can you conquer our ethical hacking challenge series? For every level you complete, your name lands a sick spot in our very own Hall of MVPs! These challenges are deployed in the real-world for an immersed experience and realistic learning; and are not virtual “boxes”. Hence, our challenges are quite unique in the way they are designed.

These challenges begin at the easiest Level I, and gradually upgrade in terms of complexity with every next level to pique your curiosity and harden your abilities. Note that you can only complete these levels in the correct, intended order.

The Mission

Because of your ethical hacking abilities within the previous two levels, before it was too late, it was possible for us to locate and secure the highly classified information that was disclosed by an ex-employee. The organization was also able to locate this ex-employee, and they have been… “terminated”.

Upgrading from previous incidents, the organization has now initiated its own tactical ethical hacking simulations as an internal experiment to test our Level II MVPs — to see if they can make it to Level III for a serious challenge in the future.

So, Level II… do you think you have it in you?

What You Acquire

1. Super cool acknowledgment letter (really)

Neither do we shy out on details and elegance, nor do we underappreciate curious individuals. We have quite the cool, kick-butt acknowledgements with fine details that are different for each level, contain potential Easter eggs, etc. that make your acknowledgement stand out.

2. Your upgraded, “Level III” name in our Hall of MVPs

Another unique feature! We upgrade your name within our Hall of MVPs upon you completing the next challenge. We have quite the rad titles to these levels too.

3. Hands-on XP with practical ethical hacking concepts

Whether the reason is muscle memory, or a better overall comprehension of theoretical concepts — practical knowledge simply trumps theory. Technical, theoretical knowledge is cool, but practical knowledge solidifies it.

4. Bragging rights

If the previous two points were not enough, here’s the ultimate cherry! Go on, brag right on about you conquering our challenge(s) when you rightfully deserve to do so!

Level Specifics

Time Constraint

None — this challenge will run indefinitely.

Need to Know:

Upon beginning the Level III challenge by clicking the below button, you will be asked for a password to enter the challenge page. This password is the Level II flag (without the “MVP{}”) that you had acquired upon successfully completing Level II of this challenge series. This system is in place to ensure that all challengers follow the correct level sequence for fair MVP titles.

You may now begin the challenge!