Fix: Double-Clicking Opens Properties

You double-click some icon, and instead of executing it, the Properties window comes up, and you’re wondering to yourself “What in the absolute liquefied shit is this? Am I hacked? Is this the internets coming to get me?”, and then, you stumble upon this post and realize it’s none of that, and there is a quick and easy fix for this issue.

Weird Folder

Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Assess the situation [Cause]

I usually don’t include this sissy step in any guides, but here, it’s necessary. I want you to retrace your steps, and try to remember if you either cleaned your keyboard recently, or sat on it, or fell asleep on it, or hit it because you couldn’t get a kill and your teammates roasted you.

Once you remember that you have done one of the above mentioned thing(s) to your keyboard, feel silly, and let all your worries about your “hacked” computer go away, because this is just a small issue where the Alt key is pressed down.

Step 2: Release the KrAlt key [Solution]

You have 2 Alt keys on your keyboard. 1 on the left, and 1 on the right. Blow air under the key(s) and press them both a few times, so if any sort of a tiny crud/solid object is stuck between the key and the contact point, they would either break off or move away.

Now, try to operate your keyboard/mouse as you would typically, and you will notice that your problem is gone.

TL;DR: Your Alt key is pressed, release it!


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