MVP Challenge: Level II

Remember our previous MVP Challenge? Level II is now live!

Can you conquer our beginner–intermediate level ethical hacking / penetration-testing / capture the flag (CTF) challenge? If you do, your name lands a sick spot in our very own Hall of MVPs! We host these challenges to provide beginners and curious minds within the Information Security domain with a fair and feasible opportunity at their first few jabs at hands-on penetration-testing.

The challenges in this series are designed to readily accommodate an ethical hacking beginner while not being too easy, yet quite challenging, interesting, and would definitely feel like badges of accomplishments upon clearing successfully.

Your Mission

This time, it is just a little more dramatic than Level I. The Computer Noob has recently found out through a reliable source (again) that a disgruntled employee has gone rogue (again) and has disclosed some sensitive company information (again, we know right?!). Now, that’s where you come in! You, as a potential Level II MVP slash super gray-hat, have to find out about this information and report it to us.

Can you do it?

What You Acquire

1. Super cool acknowledgment letter

Oh, we do not shy out on details and elegance. Neither do we underappreciate curious individuals of Science. We have quite the cool acknowledgements, with fine details and possible hidden ones as well that makes your acknowledgement stand out. Here, take a look:

The Microsoft Paint shapes masterpiece excluded, of course. They’re in this image so the acknowledgement template cannot just be copied willy-nilly

2. Your upgraded, “Level II” name in our Hall of MVPs

Another unique feature! We upgrade your name within our Hall of MVPs upon you completing the next challenge when it is available and live. We have some rad titles to the upgraded levels too. Here, check it out:

3. Hands-on XP with practical reconnaissance and ethical hacking concepts

Be it muscle memory, or a better overall comprehension of theoretical concepts, practical knowledge simply trumps theory. Technical, theoretical knowledge is cool, but practical knowledge solidifies it. Equip yourself strongly with the latter.

4. Bragging rights

If the previous two points were not enough, here’s the ultimate cherry! Go on, brag right on about you conquering our challenge(s) when you rightfully deserve to do so!

Challenge Specifics

Time Constraint

None — this challenge will run indefinitely.


There may be more than one pathway to completing this challenge.


It is possible that every few weeks, this challenge is modified ever so slightly in order to prevent monotony and search engine crawls.


A penetration tester is only as good as their reconnaissance! However, if you are stuck stuck, there is a hint hidden below:

We didn’t lie about the hint being right here; it’s right here, but this time, it is more hidden!

You may now begin the challenge!