Research Program

We offer this program to curious minds that like to dig around within Science for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and supper for the sheer excitement and passion of it rather than it just being a task. Every month or so, we accept internship candidates from all around the world without any sort of scrutiny in the application process as we want to provide as many willing learners with the opportunity as feasible. However, that is just about where the leniency ends; our program terms and conditions are extremely simple, but our supervisors’ verifications regarding completed research submissions are strict and stringent. We do not entertain candidates that apply for just a quick certificate by copy-pasting content into a document and submitting it — we are here to provide a fair platform for anyone willing to learn and develop within the realm of Computer Science. That stated, this program will be a fun, breezy, walk on cake for only candidates that are passionate and dedicated about Science and are willing to sincerely work instead of plagiarizing.

What You Acquire

1. Super cool program completion letter

Oh, we do not shy out on details and elegance. Neither do we underappreciate curious individuals of Science. We have quite the cool acknowledgements, with fine details and possible hidden ones as well that makes your acknowledgement stand out. Here, take a look:

The Microsoft Paint shapes masterpiece excluded, of course. They’re in this image so the letter template cannot just be copied willy-nilly

2. Research experience within some of the most intriguing topics

We have tons of super-interesting topics in our selection pool that we curate and keep updating every internship term. Not just that, but we provide you the opportunity of listing your own topic that you would be passionate enough about to conduct some research on! “Why?” you ask? Because we want every curious mind to grow with us and contribute to the potential future of Science as a sort of the Butterfly Effect; no strings attached!

Here are the topics of the current term:

You may select as many titles as you would be interested to research within, and we would randomly assign you one topic from your own selections to be completed as a project for your internship term. If your own listed topic is interesting and not too broad, we give that a higher priority over your other selections.

3. Bragging rights

If the previous two points were not enough, here’s the ultimate cherry! Go on, brag right on about you conquering our research program(s) when you rightfully deserve to do so!

What We Require

1. High curiosity and enthusiasm to learn and develop within the realm of Computer Science
2. Good written English skills and documentation
3. 10 or more pages of organized research material
4. No plagiarism. Only 5% acceptable and to be referenced with source(s)
5. 100% completion of any one topic we assign from your selection pool

Other Specifics


Global (Remote)


4 weeks (1 month)


Click here (if applications are closed, you may follow our LinkedIn page for an update whensoever applications for the next term are live again!)