How To: WhatsApp Someone Without Adding them to Contacts

Everybody and their mama knows that you need to add a person into your phone’s contacts in order to send them messages on WhatsApp. And if you do not want them to see your useless “good morning” statuses, overused and mostly misquoted quote-riddled abouts, and finally your cringy profile pictures—or just like to keep your social life private, of course—you can set your privacy settings to “Nobody”, but that just disables all of the above mentioned things for everyone in your contact list.

But what if you could send messages to those people that you value lesser than your existing contacts (shame on you) without adding them into your contacts?

Well, you can!

Step 1: Go to the link

Open your phone’s browser—or if you are logged in on WhatsApp Web on your system, open your system’s internet browser—and in the URL bar, paste the following link:

In the place of “number“, type the phone number of the person you wish to message without adding to your contacts. This number should begin with the country code (without “00” or “+” though).

Example: …send?phone=915986552354 (+91 being the country code of India, where you do not have to enter the “+”)
Example: …send?phone=447911123456 (+44 being the country code of Britain, where you do not have to enter the “+”)

After entering the number at the end of the link, hit Enter/Go.

Step 2: Almost done

The resulting page should look like this:

Click on that “MESSAGE” button and you will land directly into the WhatsApp conversation of that person, and you didn’t even have to add them into your contacts!

Step 3: Send that important message to your not-so-important / absolutely unimportant acquaintance

This step is pretty much self-explanatory.

Message Page
Happy Birthday

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