Fix: Black Screen After Fresh Windows 10 Install

A fresh Windows installation is usually the universally known Hail Mary of fixing issues with your system. But what when your Windows installation—upon successfully completing—ironically starts up with an issue right off the bat?

Welcome to Windows.

Literally your screen while searching for the fix on another device.

Gotchu’, my dude.

No surveys, no bullshit, this is literally a 5 second fix.

Step 1: Open Task Manager

On that empty, black screen that resembles your life, throw the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC combo (yes, this exists) to bring up the Task Manager.

Or throw the classic CTRL + ALT + DEL combo and select “Task Manager”.

Step 2: Services

Go to the “Services” tab in the Task Manager.

Look for the element “AppReadiness” in the list. It should be near the top somewhere.


Step 3: Stop AppReadiness

Right-click on “AppReadiness” and select “Stop” in the menu that drops down, as shown below:

Stop Service.png

As soon as you stop this service, Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) will start up instantly and normally. The result of this will be your empty black screen will instantly turn into your regular Windows desktop with icons and a taskbar. 

Done! You have permanantly fixed the issue and this will not repeat itself the next time you turn your system on, because AppReadiness is a manual service and has to therefore manually be started or stopped by the user once it is initially stopped after the fresh install.

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