Office Picker: Simplest ‘The Office’ Episode Randomizer Android App

There’s just something about that individual standalone value of almost each episode of this show, and the perfect amount of comedy you could just chill on a comfy night and chuckle to; The Office is the perfect ‘Flix & Chill series, and what makes it even better is the re-watch-ibility of it!

OfficePicker Icon
Presenting to you, the OfficePicker app!

I used to just go to Amazon Prime Video and select a random season and episode randomly during mealtimes or chill seshes, but then the “randomness” factor became a little biased because of me always naturally and eventually getting back to the best seasons or episodes. So, me being lazy and an engineer in the making, I made an app to make that decision for me!


You can download my OfficePicker.apk Android app from right here.

Why is it not on the Play Store?

It’s not on the Play Store (yet) because this is my first app and it costs $25 to publish it, which I do not want to shell out at the moment. The app is 100% safe and has no permissions required or hidden agenda. The installing process may give you a warning saying it might not be safe as Play Store has not verified it, but you can go ahead and proceed with the installation. 


Once installed, you will see Michael Scott as an icon in your installed apps, named OfficePicker.

OfficePicker Icon.jpg

Click on the icon and you will be greeted by an even bigger Michael Scott, with a button that says “Decide!” right below it. As you click that button, you will see a random season and episode number appear, and that’s it, as simple as that!

Long gone are the days of deciding against options by yourself. Now is the age of handing that task to the machines. Just kidding, the machines suck. This app is very specific in its nature and I guarantee you it shall not cause the machines’ uprising.


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