How To: Completely Disable Microsoft Edge [Windows 10]

Two words that have always been the farthest thing from a vessel to traverse the internet. Two words that have always been the heart of all internet browser related memes. Two words that quantify time in a magnitude far above “eternity”.

Edge Logo
Internet Explorer (or at least my representation of it)

And then—as if Microsoft didn’t have enough problems already—came Microsoft Edge, AKA the Internet Explorer v2.0. Still hogging on CPU resources, still running in the background, still full of bugs, still lacking many basic features that are available in almost every browser nowadays, and most of all—still a God damned pain in the God damned ass.

Clicked on this post to eliminate Microsoft Edge, didn’t you? You just clicked on the best coordinates on your God damned screen. 

Step 1: Navigate to the mother ship

Navigate to the following location on your system:


Here, you will see many folders. Look for these two folders:



Step 2: Destroy it from inside out

Rename both the folders to anything you want.

You can delete them as well, but it’s just best to just leave them there. Unused, unwanted, rotting, alone, and existing to realize it all.

Ripperoni In Pepperoni

There, more like Necrosoft Edge. It shall no longer bother you anymore. 

But… Running the “sfc /scannow” system scan to verify and fix Windows issues will reincarnate Microsoft Edge by recreating the original folders. So just in case you do run a scan, re-do steps #1 and #2 to re-destroy Microsoft Edge. Also, if a Microsoft Edge related Windows update in the future is installed, then there is a chance that the Microsoft Edge folders might be restored or recreated, due to which, you will have to re-do steps #1 and #2 to re-destroy Microsoft Edge.


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