How To: Download Audio from Tumblr Posts

Damn, you just found your new jam. You wish you could save it offline though, but there is no download button. You really need this tune to get jiggy with it.

Now what?

Audio Clip.png

Now this.

Let’s get you your daily fix of that good stuff.

Step 1: View frame source

Get to the page where the audio clip that you absolutely require is.

Right-click on the audio clip bar and select “View frame source”, as shown below: 

Frame Source.png

Step 2: Search the code 

After you click on “View frame source”, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful page of the source code for the embedded audio player, which will look something like this:


Here, look for the blue URL that has “.mp3” or any audio format extension at the end of it. Bingo. That is the audio source’s link. Copy it.

Step 3: Download

Paste the URL you just copied, into your browser’s URL bar.

URL Bar.png

You’re almost done. After hitting Enter, you’ll be greeted by a page that looks like an old friend—Darkness. At the dead center of the page will be a simplistic minimalist audio player: 

Audio Clip.png

Now, all you need to do is click on the three dots at the extreme right of the player, and you’ll get the option to download the audio clip, as shown below:


What are you even waiting for? Click on “Download”, you’re done!

The next time you like some audio on Tumblr that does not have a download link, you can use this method to steal the shit out of that beautiful piece of music and indefinitely get jiggy with it!

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