The ‘Gary Vs. David’ Synthesizer Battle from Regular Show [Original Download]

You just stumbled upon this beautiful masterpiece from Regular Show, and you absolutely need to have this exquisite and epic piece of audio on you at all times for the rest of your life. But there are no download links, no sources, nothing. What do you do?

Gary Vs. David
“Gary! Gary! Gary!”

I’ve got you. As soon as you clicked on this post, your quest to find all the answers and the actual audio source coming to a beautiful end, became like Gary’s victory—Imminent.

Let me get you the actual artist’s name, and the actual artist’s actual upload at the highest quality you could ever be able to find online. Straight from the artist’s Tumblr post.

Let’s get you your fix of that good stuff.


Intel 1: The artist

The guy who created this beautiful piece of art is Owen Dennis, and he has worked as a storyboard artist / jokeist with Regular Show on Cartoon Network.

You can check his work out and / or ask him questions on his Tumblr here.

Dude’s got some cool stuff on his page, make sure to check it out!

Intel 2: The Tumblr post

On the 1st of March, in the year 2016, a heavenly post had been—well—posted, on the artist’s Tumblr page, and it had what we had wanted for ages—The Gary Vs. David synthesizer battle from Regular Show. In its original form, from the artist himself, just as he had created it.

Check the actual post out here.

How To: Download

Step 1: View frame source 

Visit the page from the above link, and right-click on the audio clip bar and select “View frame source”, as shown below: 

Frame Source.png

Step 2: Search the code 

After you click on “View frame source”, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful page of the source code for the embedded audio player, which will look something like this:


Here, look for the blue URL that has “.mp3” or any audio format extension at the end of it. Bingo. That is the audio source’s link. Copy it.

Step 3: Download

Paste the URL you just copied, into your browser’s URL bar.

URL Bar.png

You’re almost done. After hitting Enter, you’ll be greeted by a page that looks like an old friend—Darkness. At the dead center of the page will be a simplistic minimalist audio player: 

Audio Clip.png

Now, all you need to do is click on the three dots at the extreme right of the player, and you’ll get the option to download the audio clip, as shown below:


What are you even waiting for? Click on “Download”, and either relive the 80s in the most epic manner possible, or picture the epic Gary Vs. David battle in your head while you listen to this wonderful piece on the bus.

Make sure to check the artist’s page out, show him some love, ask him some questions, and don’t hesitate from letting him know I sent you!

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