Generate Genuine-Looking Fake PDFs with DecoyNinja!

Got that overdue assignment or submission that you need to submit online? Except, you do not have it because you never did it? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s DecoyNinja, a super dope tool that can batch-generate genuinely corrupted/damaged-looking PDF files that are all uniquely random in file size & the bytes in them; so no two files will ever be of the same size or byte combination, ever. These generated PDFs will always show as corrupted/damaged in PDF viewers.

Example execution of DecoyNinja.

Since the generated PDF files are all additionally equipped with genuine and also random PDF file headers, even if they are opened using Notepad (or any other text editor) by a slightly smarter person than the average lot, the content within each PDF file shall be found to be consistent with that of a typical corrupted/damaged PDF file’s attributes; ideal for online submissions without any actual submission material.

Generated PDF opened using Notepad.


Multithreading was implemented in this program to generate all PDF files concurrently instead of sequentially.

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