Fix: Mouse Not Working After Compiling in Turbo C++

You just got started with Turbo C++ and began to write some “Hello” kind of code as a beginner, and then managed to get to compile it successfully, but then, you noticed your mouse clicks don’t register in the terminal anymore. 

Turbo C.png

You’ll notice that you can still type and use all the keyboard shortcuts, and you can also see the orange pointer moving around by hovering your mouse over the different lines of the terminal, but the only thing you cannot seem to achieve is clicking those toolbar elements and drop down their contents. No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Drop the bomenu

Press ALT + Space. This will drop down the first menu. There, the “Repaint desktop” element will already be selected, like this:

Repaint Desktop.png

Step 2: Repaint

As the “Repaint desktop” option is already selected, all you have to do is simply press Enter. This redraws the terminal screen, and therefore, resets the toolbar in the process, making it now clickable.

You’re done!


    1. What’s up, Nav?! Unfortunately, no, there is no permanent solution to this. Turbo C is an IDE from the 1980s, and hence, simulating it in current age systems definitely has its side effects. The only thing Turbo C is good for is absolute beginner usage. After you become even a moderate beginner, I’d suggest you to immediately switch to Dev C++. It has copying and pasting abilities, a modern environment, lots and lots of options, customization, reliability, executions taking place in separate terminal windows so the actual Dev C++ window is not terminated in case of an infinite loop, etc. etc. etc.

      Try it out!


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